26th March 1990

As soon as I have an idea of output which is not negatively associated then it should trigger actual output - or does the output occur when the recalled scenario is executed.

When a recall/match is made then the memory should be played back just like it happened - a sequence of events are remembered not just the associated information. Playback more accurately models the real world.

Could use A->Z as real world visions and a -> z as real world symbolic representations of A -> Z which implies that a -> z are words for A -> Z. We would also need symbols for representing actions / outputs.

With this play back replay idea each sequence could be represented by a single symbol - sequence of inputs, recalls and outputs could all be represented as single symbols - if the processing is correct for single symbols then it should transfer automatically to sequences of symbols.

With ideas modelling real world - ideas of reward / punishment are the replication of real world reward / punishment and should be used and analyzed (interpreted) the same way as the real world ones when they are recalled.

Undated Note

Feelings are necessary – hate, sad, want, anger, and love.