1st Jan 1973

178. Pain as input does not have any built in association.     

Recall of input pain and recalled concept of pain have meaning. On recall of pain input the directions are not followed the thing is definitely not done. On the recall of concept of pain can carry on thinking and could actually do the thing the concept of pain does not stop one from doing a thing i.e. will over want. (reason over will)

The idea of pleasure i.e. recalled pleasure acts as a guider to thinking. Actual pleasure is what is wanted and nothing is done on actually receiving it. On recall of actual pleasure thing is done. This is a problem, order of recall = thing done, actual pleasure how do we get back to do thing done.

23rd Aug 1973 [on a separate sheet of paper]

Reflexes preprogrammed innate.

Instincts preprogrammed able to be modified.

What stops a procedure from being executed to completion? An interruption of, attraction of attention, of higher than threshold value. How does it know when it finishes its procedure? It reaches its goal. Does its reaching a goal act as an interruption to stop the execution? May be its recall of the reward associated to the goal in the past instance acts as an interrupt to stop the execution. Only when execution is input output – for thinking the idea of reward would be enough to stop.

Must have a higher level of interrupt than that which started execution to stop the execution.

4th Dec 1973

I sent this Letter to Allen Newell at Carnegie-Mellon University. The reply was received in 1974