13th March 1989

Doing is based on the strength (reward / punishment) of association.

23rd Aug. 1989

As soon as I have an idea of an output and go to start doing it I should really recall the idea of the output and see if it has any associated negatives - maybe not! Should not my recall have found any negatives! Maybe none in cue context but some in other context.  Can't stop doing certain actions just because they have negative connotations in some other context.

1/ Should stop doing past experience script as soon as data input not (same) consistent with script being executed.

2/ However to introduce variety into output I have it so we stop doing as soon as data input is same as script being executed, and keep on executing script when data input is not consistent (same) as script being executed.

1/ and 2/ are a contradiction in objectives. 2/ happens when concentration level=0 i.e. non-purposeful execution. 1/ happens when purposeful doing of script, concentration level>0.

Thoughts(ideas) and words are one to one.