Smarty software

Smarty robot software

Smarty is a robot that runs around on a grid of squares. You place blocks in the squares to create walls which stop Smarty from moving in that direction. You can design Smarty's body configuration made up of different sensors (cameras) to see the squares and blocks. Smarty will explore the maze world that you design as you select Go / Continue.

Design the World by placing blocks in squares:

  •    Use the mouse and arrow keys to select one or more squares.
  •    Use the space bar to place a block in a square or to remove a block.
  •    Highlight a selected area with the mouse and it can be cleared of blocks.
  •    Changing blocks does not reset Smarty's memory or its body.
  •    Changing the world size (max. 8 x 8) resets Smarty's memory but not its body.

Place Smarty in any square by typing a letter. This does not reset its memory.

World menu items on the action bar:

  •    New clears the entire world of all the blocks.
  •    Retrieving a world will replace the current world and reset Smarty's memory but not its body.
  •    Saving a world will allow you to name the current world and save it for later retrieval.

View | Locations Ctrl+L displays the letters identifying the squares for symbolic vision.

Design or Select a body for Smarty:

  •    After Design or Select Smarty's Body is done the body name is displayed.
  •    The initial default body is Smarty0.

Go / Continue - Each time you select Go / Continue Smarty performs another step to explore the world. If Smarty does not move, it may have hit a block or is thinking. (maximum 2000 steps)

See History for a display of all the steps that have happened.

See Memory for a display of all the Binons created and details of the last step taken.

[ZIP] Smarty.EXE

Read the paper: The Perception–Action Hierarchy and its Implementation Using Binons (Binary Neurons)  for examples of screen shots.